Happy CSS Naked Day! Finally you can have a good look at Pappblogg’s nude glory. The idea behind the event is to promote Web Standards, which includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup and a good hierarchy structure. This is the first year I participate in this yearly event with a date decicion logic harder to comprehend than Easter.

Read more on naked.dustindiaz.com.

One application that has become vital to me is the fantastic AutoHotKey (Windows only). Using this free script-based macro/hotkey piece of software you will be able to automate every single repetitive or hard-to-reach task on your computer. Type all your macros in one single text file and AutoHotKey will make them available to your finger tips every time you start your PC. Maybe a bit too geeky for most common users, but a true gem for us pros. 😉

I figured it would be helpful to share the shortcuts I have found most useful. Not all of these are written entirely by me, so creds go to the original authors, who hopefully accepts to be nameless in this post. For a better understanding of what AHK can do, have a look at these scripts.

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